Release the power of word-of-mouth.

Incentivit is a simple yet powerful referral program software that helps online and offline businesses acquire new customers using referral marketing.

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Grow your business on auto-pilot

Incentivit is the fastest and easiest way to build and incorporate a referral program into your customer acquisition strategy.

Get ready-to-buy referrals that
convert easily

People trust recommendations from their friends more than they trust any messaging that comes directly from brands. So don't let this low hanging fruit slip away.

Keep your customer asquisition
cost low

Like any business, you want to keep your expenses as low as possible. Referral marketing is the cheapest marketing channel you should absolutely take advantage of.

Keep your ambassadors engaged
and active

The key to have a successful referral program is to keep your ambassadors engaged. Incentivit provides all features to keep your ambassadors engaged anf active.

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Incentivit Features:
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Norms compliant

Make sure you acquire your new customer’s email legitimately. Our system integrates all mechanisms to make sure you collect emails following the CAN-SPAM Act’s requirements.

Fully customizable

Configure your referral program through an easy and simple configuration tool, and personalize many parameters such as rewards, images, texts, email templates and many mores.

Mobile Compatible

Referral programs work perfectly on desktops as well as on mobile devices such as tablets on smartphones.

Fully automatedAutomate your referral program

Automated referral tracking, email notifications including enrollment, rewards and reminders. Easily manage referrals and ambassadors.

Multiple Program Types

Select from different types of referral programs such as double-sided or single-sided reward, milestone reward, engagement reward or sweepstakes.


Get detailed customer referral program analytics including invites filtered by referral programs. Identify most influential referrers and track data to individual customer level.

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Incentivit works perfectly on any of these platforms

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Reward your customers for telling their friends about your business

Our service includes all the required technology and mechanisms including emails contacts importer, social sharing capabilities to ease the sharing process of your customers.

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Why pay up to 10 times more for the same features?

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