5 Great Customer Referral Program Ideas

Posted by admin on 02, 2022, February

Every great marketer knows that their programs need the occasional tweak, upgrade or complete revamped approach. When it comes to referral marketing tools such as Incentivit, there are many opportunities for users to get creative and to draw the attention of their audiences. Here are some great ideas to enhance your customer referral marketing campaign.

Seasonal referral programs

People celebrate things all throughout the year. Referral marketers can make use of these events, festivals and celebrations to offer seasonal offers to their subscribers. The key is to choose these ‘seasons’ that work well with what you have to offer in your business. In other words, it is simply making the right offer at the right time!

Offer social gifts

In almost every referral campaign, the company offers a reward to the users. However, not all referral programs have to be that way. If your business model allows, depending on your subscriber acquisition cost, you can send emails to your customers with a referral code that they can share with their social circle. If you offer subscription based services, this is a great way to use referral marketing to get people to try out your business for free. Allow for each customer to refer about 3 people to sign up for the best results.

Host contests

Referral contests are an excellent way to keep your audience engaged and more referrals signing up for your services. Aside from offering a reward for each offering, try something where the person who referred the most participants can receive a substantial prize. This works great with email marketing and can be continued for as long as you wish. If a celebration, national event or holiday is nearby, you can easily combine contests with seasonal offers to appeal to an even bigger audience.

Make your incentive a surprise

It’s often normal to mention precisely what a user is going to receive as an incentive when they make a referral. However, it is possible to build intrigue by not mentioning what your incentive is. This way, your users may get pleasantly surprised when they do receive the incentive. This works particularly well with online retail businesses. By offering a small discount to the referrals while your customer receives a free gift with their purchases, your customer will be much more likely to make a referral right then and there.

Store credit incentives

Not all referral programs have to offer incentives in the traditional form. For instance, most programs do offer discounts and gifts but there are other options as well. Store credit is a great choice to offer buyers an incentive to spread the word about your business while also promoting repeat purchases from the customer. Discounts off the next purchase, store credit, free subscriptions, upgrades and gift cards work great for your customers while fetching more revenue for you.