50 Essential Examples of Referral Programs [2022]

Posted by admin on 28, 2022, January

As technology age progresses, conveniences have become industrialized. Digital referral marketing, a convenience delivered by technology to commerce and industry, also becomes a conventional market component.

As this type of marketing platform grows in merit, online referral program emerged. A referral program is a form of technology driven marketing resource that help optimize growth of customer base that has limitless potentials. An important tool for any company eager to advance in their specific niches today.

Each company’s referral program is unique and designed to fit company’s visions. Tailored around the company’s needs, advocacies and unique customer influences, referral programs have grown in stature and enjoy extensive approval around the world, making them naturally occurring modern commodities in the global market.

Many referral companies have emerged dominant, as referral programs evolved and become the trend. With front-runners and influencers rankings constantly fluctuating, defining the roster list (which is which) became complicated. As we deal on day to day basis with referral marketing and all its components, one of them which is referral program, we decided to pool together 50 referral programs and define their structures, platforms and visions. An excellent way to provide users in search of information to help in knowing which companies have the best offer, terms and requirements that will perfectly provide their requirements and preferences still rocking the market with their referral programs.

Here a list of 50 referral programs influencing global markets

Financial Services – Banks

1. Tangerine

Tangerine is showing its muscle as a technologically compliant modern banking institution by its double-sided refer-a-friend program structure. Customers are encouraged to invite their friends to sign up for new accounts. The refer-a-friend reward offer is a hefty $50 for both the referee customers and the referred friend. The referral page is open to the public with a well-designed presentation with an engaging bold call to action banner appealing to customers to pay attention to their more adventurous persona.

2. American Express

The ultra-popular American Express has streamlined the structure of their referral program for their card members, calling on customer’s obliging nature to invite friends to check different Amex card offerings. Depending on the type of card customers have or will sign up for, American Express refer-a-friend program has different rewards offers. The American Express referral page that anybody interested can easily access at their website highlights the steps customers need to follow with a distinctive 1-2-3 step graphics. Making the means in earning the referral awards pretty straightforward.

3. Chase Bank

Chase bank has a double-sided referral program with an offering of $50 rewards for each positive referral. The refer-a-friend program that Chase Bank runs uses different channels to convey their call to action to customers. Their interactive referral page has a readymade refer a friend email to facilitate easy sharing for customers, a 1-2-3 steps graphics simplifying the mechanics of their offer, and a large green call to action banner that promotes their referral invites.

Software Companies

4. Typeform

Built as a go-to solution platform for creative surveys and mobile forms, Typeform offers customers signing up for pro subscriptions, a-refer-a-friend two pronged 10% reward. Typeform as one of SaaS frontrunners has sustained customer conversion growth by building up their referral program in partnership with reputable referral marketing companies.

5. Box

Signing up for Box’s referral program you will be required to fill in more fields for personal information, compared to the more consumer-focused referral programs. In the B2B niche these type of sign up requirements in principle are not bad, in fact it does the opposite. The extra amount of detail fields in the signup process will provide more probabilities to the sales team to close sales.

6. SugarSync

SugarSync a file storage competitor has on offer a tiered referral program; comprised of a flexible 500MB or 10GB rewards. The strategy for Sugarsync’s referral program is powered by the number of new power consumers that existing subscribers can invite, the more new users you can refer the higher are the rewards that you will receive.

7. Dropbox

All updates and optimizations Dropbox has rolled out for their referral program advocates the concept of the original clean layout of their design. Dropbox is known for its interactive uncluttered architecture and this makes Dropbox’s referral program legendary. Also the functional approach which Dropbox follows to advance their conversions is much-admired for its insightful interpretation of the company’s referral rewards growth development. In-app storage rewards are constantly adjusted by Dropbox’s growth team, because this feeds their user retention and referral metrics promoting growth of customer base.

8. Google Apps

Structured as a unilateral reward system, the $15 reward for every paying subscriber offered by Google Apps’ referral program is geared more towards affiliate marketing, as there is no reward to existing subscribers for every newly referred users are offered. The headline of the simple layout of Google Apps’ interactive refer-a-friend page is a little short on appeal. A landing page where an offer of financial incentive is placed should be optimized with a header pointing out the offer, money spikes motivation.

9. Evernote

Invite friends and receive a reward from Evernote. The frontrunner on note-taking software Evernote, runs a reversible refer-a-friend program to reward users for inviting their friends. Evernote’s referral program awards points only when user referrals convert into sign-ups and premium subscriptions, which can then be redeemed for increased storage space or free months.

10. Marin Software

Marin Software, is an enterprise software provider and the company is definitely capable of paying the referral rewards it is offering. You can receive as much as $2,000 for your every successful referral. Marin customers spend between $10, 000 – $100,000 per month on Marin products, providing Marin the financial resources to back their offer of $500, $1500 or $2000 rewards on their refer-a-friend program, remuneration depends on which plan the referred customers sign up for.

11. EquityFeed

EquityFeed, a SaaS stock trading platform has a referral program that offers to new and existing customers 10% double-sided discounts rewards, when they refer new paying customers. The referral program model built by EquityFeed has continued to be the company’s most profitable means of procuring customers and has a strong trial to paid conversion rate.

12. LastPass

LastPass has a single-sided referral program. A leading SaaS password storage provider LastPass has a refer-a-friend campaign offering one month of their Premium plan as reward for every successful referral. Lastpass promotes their referral program inside their web application with a simple call to action in the dashboard.

13. HubStaff

A strong SaaS time tracking provider, Hubstaff, has on offer a two sided 10% discount reward for user referrals. Promoted widely across their website, web app and FAQ pages, Hubstaff’s refer-a-friend program is constantly updated with means to promote their referral program. The Hubstaff team encourage customer referrals when they think there is value in their product and is always experimenting and looking for ways to improve the customer journey.

14. Prezi

Prezi is a popular presentation software. Prezi runs a one sided referral program which is focused on driving new signups to ‘Enjoy’, their entry-level paid plan campaign. Prezi’s refer-a-friend program offer to give customers 3 months free of Enjoy when they sign up three friends for Enjoy. From experience, a reward for every referral they make is better. This approach of giving rewards for each referral improves the visitor to invite conversion ratio and encourages loyalty from customers to the program.

15. YesWare

As a popular sales email tool YesWare run a web enabled refer-a-friend campaign that maximizes their beneficial word of mouth and reward customer loyalty. For every successful referral YesWare gives customers 100 free tracking events. They have an interactive referral page where you can get a pre-fill email text explaining the value of their product and why the referred customer should sign up for a trial to send to your friends.

16. Shoeboxed

Shoeboxed as an online accounting software provider that put together their referral programs centered on their confidence in the power of customer referrals in upholding a company’s essential value. Shoeboxed growth team never deviates from this conviction when updating their referral structure to maximize conversions and boost customer base. With their partners, Shoeboxed allows integration of their 10% discount end-to-end referral solution into their partners own referral principles.

Mobile E-Commerce – Ride and Vacation Rental Sharing

17. Airbnb

The arresting design of the in-app referral offer of Airbnb reflects the eye-catching holiday places this international travel marketplace offers to their patrons. Using their referral program to stimulate steady customer base growth across their cities, Airbnb’s referral program is modeled to the structure of Uber’s referral program. Airbnb’s rewards are offered in different sizes, reliant on users’ city locations, a cost-effective means for international brands to build customer region by region through.

18. Uber

Uber basically operates from within a mobile transportation app, yet it has continually ruled the transport app scene, through an exceptional mobile experience and effective customer referral rewards program. Uber’s success is vastly substantiated by their continued success and growth in market reach. However Uber’s development team continues to pursue cutting edge solutions to support progress of their referral campaigns, and recently the team came up with chatbot functionality and targeted push notifications.

19. GetAround

The ride- sharing GetAround is another North American startup claiming its stake in the transport industry in few selected cities. GetAround offers a single-sign-up via your Facebook sign in and this helps simplify the onboarding experience. Customers get a $20 referral reward and in the event a customer recruit a driver on offer is $200. But this two pronged referral program reward structure mix-ups their referral messaging system. Looking at the structure of their referral program this can be easily solved by designing separate campaigns for rider and driver, each with separate sign-up.

20. Lyft

Uber’s competitor Lyft, is a North American ride sharing platform. Riders/customers are offered $10 to $50 referral rewards for every new customers referred in order to aggressively stimulate customer growth in new markets across different cities.

World of Games

21. World of Warcraft

The game that everybody is into, the World of Warcraft, the video game that has unmatched popularity, with active user base numbering in millions. Its MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) is now more than 10 years old, it could still pull users for them. The ‘Recruit a Friend’ program they use to grow their user/player base carry out special in-game rewards. Motivating players to send in referrals, the World of Warcraft marketing team has just updated program rewards, and a new recruit a friend campaign was launched as the WoW website’s landing page with a viral marketing video and an in-app recruit a friend section.

Digital E-commerce Retailers

22. HomeSuite

HomeSuite’s referral program is designed as a double-sided structure consists of one $100 discount given to the newly referred friend and another one $100 gift card for the referring user. HomeSuite is a leading online vacation rental marketplace, similar to Airbnb.

23. EventBrite

The $10 single-sided referral program of the popular event hosting platform Eventbrite offers to customers an affiliate-style reward structure, inviting them to sign up their friends to earn money. Downside to this structure is single-sided referral programs don’t accomplish anything special compared to double-sided structured programs. The customer referring a friend creates profit for themselves which sometimes impact motivation to sign ups. Generally friends are generally unenthusiastic on enriching themselves off their friends.

24. Gilt

The E-commerce retailer Gilt has a one sided referral rewards program that gives out a $25 to customers. The first referral program structure to experiment with a call to action emphasized by a large QR code. In Gilt’s website there are small social buttons users can click to directly share referral invites via email, Facebook or Twitter.

25. Amazon Prime

Until today no other referral program that is more sophisticatedly structured than Amazon Prime’s has made an appearance in the digital market. Amazon Prime’s referral program is a brilliantly and resourcefully strategized system, a not so surprising coup, coming from Amazon, the revolutionary leader on digital marketing for many years now. Amazon’s insight into the power that be of prime members who are able to place orders more times per year, and able to spend double than others as a lucrative demographic has put them in an expedient position with regards to expanding their customer base.

26. BusBud

Busbud is a leading busride hailing platform which shapes their customer base around a multi-channel refer-a-friend program, which rewards customers for their continued patronage and positive word of mouth endorsements. The referral program is integrated into all of their web and mobile apps. Busbud links with other referral marketing company and allow these companies to integrate Budbud’s referral program into their own to help Busbud distinguish their on boarding process for newly referred users.

27. Tile

Tile is one of the leading market players in the bluetooth wearables technology. To maximize conversions they tie up with other referral marketing companies in running their multichannel single sided refer-a-friend referrals program. Just like any other mobile based digital marketing platforms Tile’s refer-a-friend program is incorporated into each of their web and mobile experiences. Their single-sided referral rewards structure let customers earn points for every friend they refer that can be used towards a free tile.

28. Indochino

Indochino an emerging frontrunner in digital retail has a multi-channel reward program which offers to customers a double-sided $100 and $50 reward for every friend referred. Built-into their customer digital landing platforms including email, website and mobile, Indochino’s refer a friend call to action is innovatively offered to customers through an eye-catching landing page displaying product values using attractive stock images as well as direct email.

29. Zulily

The referral program structure that Zuliliy uses in crafting the architecture of their refer-a-friend rewards is geared more around the modern practice of convenient communication. An upbeat call to action encouraging customers to connect all their email clients like Yahoo, Outlook and Gmail with their Zuliliy account, thus allowing Zuliliy access to their contact lists. Zulily’s refer-a-friend program reward users in the local currency of their region, simplifying future appraisal of experimental program performances across different regions.

30. ThredUp

ThredUp an up-and-coming E-Commerce stalwart ante the support of its refer-a-friend program with an ideal clean design and a daring “Give $10, Get $10” large colorful call to action intended for email and Facebook referral invites. The refer a friend program ThredUp currently runs has impressively encouraged customer engagement with the program although the $10 double-sided reward, is smaller than what other digital retailers are offering.

31. Chipolo

Chipolo retails Bluetooth enabled wearables and is slowly becoming one of this niche’s upcoming frontrunners. Chipolo is currently running a referral program exclusively built for mobiles, for ease of friend invites dispersal by customers. The refer-a-friend program Chipolo offers has a double-edged reward; a 20% discount the referred friend can use towards their purchase, while the referring customer earn points that they can use for a free Chipolo.

Fashion; Apparel and Accessories

32. Amuze

A member’s only fashion shop Amuze offers as much as $25 discount for all their customers to enjoy on authentic designer labels. The $25 reward may not be extravagant, when what Amuze sells are considered luxury items. However Amuze provided a twist to their referral rewards, flash sales and daily discounts add more value to the $25. Their crazy flash sales discounts form the biggest part of their marketing idea, and their referral program further supports their price drops, accruing more customers in the process.

33. Clymb

Clymb is a sport and adventure gear e-commerce retailer. Clymb just recently rolled out a brilliant and exciting modification on their referral program, initially the reward was $15 credit for every minimum $50 purchase. Now their offering is $10 credits for the same minimum purchase of $50. The drop in the reward is offset by Clymb’s new offering to customers, where friends can now be invited in-mass by a personalized message to engage with Clymb and gain a reward credit in the offing.

34. WoolOvers

WoolOvers has a smart and sizeable referral program offer of a 20% off for the referred friend which they can use towards their pruchase, in addition to a £50 off for the advocate or referee. WoolOvers is the go through-commerce portal for wool products of all kinds, around the globe.

35. DapperTime

The Watch e-commerce retailer DapperTime has maximized Instagram’s support in building up a loyal and modish following. Guaranteeing assured success of their referral program, which has an interesting structure. It is in effect closer to an affiliate program than a referral.

Health and Grooming

36. Yoga

YogaClub is monthly yoga subscription gateway that pooled all yoga brands to allow customers easy access to a space where they can discover new yoga brands with cut-rates. Yogaclub’s referral program awards both friends and referees 25% off.

37. Dorco

The shaving razor maverick Dorco USA has a referral program that gives the referred friends $5 off while the referees get 5% of when their referred friends purchase. Although popular for the notable use of their blades by Dollar Shave Club, Dorco still sells good quality razor blades at affordable price. With the 20% offered discounts towards their purchase, referred friends will be more motivated to purchase from Dorco USA , products at affordable price is just a bonus.

38. Julep

Julep’s referral program structure is built around their customizable monthly beauty subscription boxes which gives both the referee and the referred friend $15 credit upon signing up. As a makeup and cosmetics e-commerce retailer Julep is offering a double sided reward with their monthly subscription box with a fun and apt “for every bestie that joins” call to action that is very effective in building their customer base.

39. Dermstore

The dermatologist’s recommended cosmetic products e-commerce retailer Dermstore offer customers a double sided referral reward of $10 credit to both the referred friend and the referee. Dermstore is an online store that carries products recommended by dermatologists. Its simple referral program offers $10 every time a friend makes a purchase.

Electronics & Gadgets

40. Mellow

The smart kitchen robot Mellow’s referral program is a tell your friend about us “the super-cool smart sous vide machine” and you will be rewarded with a $20 discount that can be used towards your purchase for every friend referred that signs up.

What Mellow is all about? Mellow is an e-commerce retailer of a really cool smart kitchen robot that you can instruct to cook sous vide even when you’re not at home.

41. Pavlok

The wearables specialist Pavlok has a referral program that is structured around its offering of 15% of their referred friends purchase in cash as reward to referees. It also has seasonal offers like their offer of a new Pavlok for 5 referred friends or an upgrade of the customers Pavlok for 3 referred friends. Pavlok is a habit changing wearable device is one of Shopify’s winners for Build-a-Business in 2015. How advocates could effectively share Pavlok’s referral program to effectively get the most out of it is taught in a very long blog post that comprehensively discuss effective sharing techniques.

42. Trunkster

Designed as a technologically relevant futuristic luggage, Trunkster, has a referral program that rewards the referees $20 cash, and $20 off to the referred friends. Trunkster is the maker of the revolutionary sliding door suitcases which has totally turn away from the use of traditional zippers as closing mechanism for their luggage. Like Pavlok, Trunkster, is one of 2015’s Shopify’s Build-a-Business winners. Trunkster’s founder Bryan said that his referral program offers cash because it resonates well with people, being able to get 30 dollars is the least they can give to someone in return for the privilege of getting shared to their customers’ friends.

43. Ztylus

Ztylus designs phone cases with precision to improve phone camera photo capturing experience. And Ztylus’s is banking to grow their brand via a referral program that has a structure geared towards recruiting their customers to become their brand ambassadors. Customers can share the good news about Ztylus’ directly to their friends in social media and in their contacts. The referee earn a commission from their friends’ purchases is clearly defined by their “the more you share it, the more you make” extremely accurate call to action.

44. Skyroam

Skyroam is offering their customers a double-sided referral program structure which rewards both the referees and the referred friend with $20 off their purchases. Refer a friend and the friend gets $20 off their purchase while the referee also earns a $20 discount towards their next purchase. The company Skyroam was the first one to develop and patent the virtual SIM technology in 2008. This innovation had the trend of enabled mobile data on-demand anywhere in the world through local network connectivity.

F&B and Supplements

45. 22 Days Nutrition

The Meal Delivery innovator, 22 Days Nutrition has a referral program which gives referees 15% off of their referred friends’ purchase in cash, while at the same time gives friends 10% off theirs. 22 Days Nutrition is founded by fitness expert Marco Borges. He promotes healthy living via a purely vegan lifestyle. 22 Days Nutrition has a large, active followers in social media, and banked on building their customer base through word-of-mouth. Their refer-a-friend program is just another fitting program they saw as natural complement since thousands of people were already talking about their brand they saw it is only fitting to reward them for referring their friends to 22 Days Nutrition.

46. Youfoodz

Youfoods has a referral program which gives away free fresh meals for every friend referred. Their refer-a-friend reward structure has three tiers; refer one have one free meal, refer two have two free meals and refer three have free meals for a week as rewards for referring Youfoods to friends. An Australian fresh meal delivery service Youfoodz provides great copy of their referral program’s call to action with the emphasis on the word free.

47. Craft Coffee

The coffee subscription box portal Craft Coffee’s referral program offers to give away free coffee delivery to referees for every friend referred who purchase their own Craft Coffee delivery via the referees discount coupon. Craft Coffee makes good coffee available and easy to find at fair prices.

Vaporizers and E-cigarettes

48. VaporDNA

The referral program that prominent online vape store VaporDNA offer to both the referred friends and referees on the amount of $10 off is conditional to them spending over $35 storewide. VaporDNA is a true leader in online vape retailing with a wide range of offering on the best selections of electronic cigarettes, e-liquids, and accessories. Winning the circle of excellence award from BizRate in 2016, authenticate their distinction from the rest of their competitors. This excellence award by Bizrate is awarded to retailers who innovatively give their best to appropriately provide online customers their exceptional service.

49. eJuices.com

The referral program that the world’s largest eLiquid retailer eJuices.com is running, offers to their customers cash incentives for referring friends, while the referred friend get 15% discount on their first purchase when they use the 20% off discount code their friends give them. Customers have a wide range of over 1300 brands to select from.


50. Leesa

The grand mattress company Leesa has a referral program that gives referred friends $100 off a mattress they purchase using their friends referral discount coupon while the referee gets $50 in cash. Leesa’s mission which is to help people sleep better, also advocates a pay forward program where 1 mattress is donated for every 10 they sold.


Graphic Designs

51. DesignHill

Designhill’s Affiliate Program is a great way to make handsome money online. The program is best suited for those who are looking to making extra money. You just have to promote our logo maker tool by sharing words about it with your contacts.

Sign up for the Designhill’s Affiliate Program. You will receive a trackable link in your email. Share the trackable link with your friends, family and contacts. You’ll get 30% commission on every logo maker sale made through your referral. The amount will automatically get credited into your account. The referee will get 15% off on the project value for their new logo created through Designhill’s Logo Maker tool.

Utilizing the most convenient marketing tool which makes use of technology to high advantage referral programs are great for simplifying the delivery of referrals. Word of mouth is still alive today but has limited reach. When the modern commerce trend has become global and fast paced brands have to build global reach to maximize sales. When global brands lack the empathy local businesses have with their customers, they need referral rewards in place of the old fashioned family, friends and fellowship ties that businesses have with their customers in the old days. To convey their appreciation of the service that customers are passing to friends, because who does not love a good brand.

Referral programs are a great way to encourage customers to spread the word about your business, and we hope this list of successful referral program will inspire you to start your own referral program or take an existing one to the next level. Check out this checklist to help you improve your referrals statistics; they could perhaps help you create the perfect client referral program. The right referral software can make all the difference. Start your own B2C or B2B referral program today! If you need some guidance on how to get started, contact us or have a look to our tutorial before setting up your referral program.