All about Online Referral Marketing

Posted by admin on 02, 2022, February

You can advertise all you want but nothing beats word of mouth when it comes to obtaining new customers! In reality, referral marketing has a wide range of benefits. Unlike most other types of marketing, this method takes up a lower cost and produces customers with a higher tendency to use your business for the long run. Nowadays, with everything being done online, referral marketing has also become digital.
Just like traditional referral marketing, online referral marketing operates on the same principles; you get your customers to refer you to their network of friends, family and acquaintances to obtain

leads. However, despite the similarity of the principals, online marketing has its own characteristics and unique advantages over the many other forms of online and offline marketing.
There are many ways of carrying out online referral marketing. Social media, emails and website sign up forms all work great to get the word out. However, one of the most effective methods is to use a referral tool that is specifically designed to attract referrals to a business through the internet.  A prime example of such as tool is Incentivit. This tool allows you to create different types of referral campaigns to suit your needs perfectly.
While traditional referral marketing relied on creating loyal customers before asking for referrals, online referral marketing tools such as Incentivit speeds things up considerably. In fact, even a start-up business can get referrals from tools such as these with a minimal investment. You can offer many things as incentives, from discount coupons and giveaways all the way to contest entries and accumulating referrals, the possibilities are wide and varied. You can choose the right rewards program to suit your budget, business needs and the interest of your customers to achieve your targets.
The bottom line is, online referral marketing is simple, easy and highly cost effective. Unlike traditional methods, you don’t have to wait until you have built a sizable customer base or reached a specific revenue goal to get started. By simply signing up to use a simple tool such as Incentivit, you too can start enjoying the many benefits of online referral marketing.