Email Marketing VS Social Marketing

Posted by admin on 02, 2022, February

There is no denying the fact that social media has taken the world by storm. However, many of you may have noticed that retailers and other businesses continue to send email blasts. Social media might be effective at delivering business updates and making online referral marketing but there are many reasons for email marketing to still be a very relevant option.

For starters, social media is loaded with business updates, personal messages, shares, videos, images and many more distractions. Therefore, a great deal of effort AND investment is needed if a business is to deliver a message that stands out amid the thousands of posts on the average social media feed. In comparison, email marketing is sent directly to your subscriber’s email where you don’t have to compete with distractions to make your message heard.

In addition, despite its popularity, social media is seen by many people as something that needs to be enjoyed in moderation. In fact, most users limit their interaction with social media and the chances of a sponsored post or advertisement going unnoticed are very high. Email, on the other hand, is seen as a useful business and personal communication tool and many give greater priority to checking emails at the start of a day as opposed to scrolling through social media. If you are targeting businesses in particular, email marketing will generate higher success rates.

We definitely have seen a pick in using social media as a marketing media in the last few years, but with the rule’s changes and increases in marketing costs, we are seeing that trend going down and seeing more and more businesses going back to a long time proven marketing method , the email marketing.  Incentivit can help you increase your subscribers base and increase your email marketing results. Social media is here to stay but email marketing is definitely not going anywhere anytime soon and will certainly regain in popularity among businesses.