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Incentivit includes all the features you should have to successfully run a referral programs.

Reputation Builder Coming soon

Use your best customers to improve your online reputation

Programmable SMS

Use SMS for better communication and delivery

Embed On Any Site

Integrate your referral program to your website either as a widget popup or as a embedded iframe with the auto-generated script.

Automatic Contacts Importer

Participants can enter using their account (Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo) and our app will automatically import their contacts to ease the sharing of your referral program.

Fully customizable

Configure your referral program through the easy step-by-step wizard, and personalize many parameters such as rewards, images, text, email templates and many mores.

Fully automated

Automated referral tracking, email notifications including enrollment, rewards and reminders. Easily manage referrals and participants.

Email Notifications

Send an email to your participant’s right after they enter or to update them on their referral status using your own email content.


Get detailed analytics including visits, entries, shares, etc. Identify most influential channels and track data to individual referrer level.

Mobile Compatible

Referral programs will work on any desktop devices and also on any mobile device as well.

View & Export Entry Data

Download a CSV file to view all entry data and play iwth the information the way you want.

Custom Entry Forms

Customize your entry forms to collect additional data such as address, phone, or any other data to better segregate the participants.

Multilingual widget

The widget is available in multiple language such as French, English, Spanish and Greek. Your participants will see the referral widget in their mother language.

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The power of referral programs using incentives!

Incentivit allows you to run referral programs to promote your business to new customers through sweepstakes, goal based and instant reward promotions.

Our service includes all the required technology and mechanisms including

  • emails contacts importer
  • social sharing capabilities
  • email invites

to ease the sharing process of your customers.

Powerful Customization

Configure your referral program through the simple admin interface, and personalize many parameters such as rewards, images, text, email templates and many mores.

Refer-A-Friend Via Email

Participants can refer friends via email by typing in email addresses and sending invites.

Fraud Detection

Automatic fraud detection system enabled on every program which can be disabled and/or enabled anytime. The system detects suspicious behavior, like multiple entries from the same IP address.

Multiple Program Types

Select from 2 types of referral programs – Sweepstake program or goal based referral program.

Pick a Winner

When running a referral program in the form of a sweepstake, our system will allow you to randomly draw winners.

Award Bonus Entries

Define how many bonus entries people can earn for sharing and performing social actions.

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