How Endgame and Thanos Created a Productive Buzz via the Internet

Posted by admin on 28, 2022, January

Endgame and Thanos is not a product that’s hard to sell at this point of Marvel’s Avengers movie franchise. All the earlier released Avengers movies had raised enough customer awareness and brand recognition that even an announcement that a new installment is being filmed fans are instantly switched to heightened anticipation mood. That is because the products under the brand that were previously released were excellently packaged, of premium quality and everything from promotions, production and turnover are tightly monitored. Thus, building up fans’ loyalty is never a hard sell.

Endgame and Thanos viral fame are a very good example of an excellently executed referral marketing strategy. The buzz created around it were enough to leave marks in peoples’ minds to follow it from production to the day of the final sale which was the day the movie made its worldwide premier show. The Endgame and Thanos marketing strategy made use of the full benefits of modern internet WOM (word of mouth) referral marketing to its best advantage. This is the wonder that internet brings to modern ecommerce marketing advertisement.

Why do you need a well-executed marketing campaign?

Seeing the numbers of new ecommerce competitions being launched every day, make finding new ways to generate ecommerce sales tougher. The competition is getting fiercer that simply having built up a presence and an interactive web store is no longer enough to make your business stand out. Getting the best advantages out of every opportunity via a well-executed strategy should be applied to your marketing in order to get your business swept into the winning streak.

And this is where an Endgame and Thanos identical created buzz referral marketing strategy could be advantageously employed.

How Endgame and Thanos Marketing Wizzes Created a Viral Online Buzz Around Their Product

With Endgame and Thanos marketing, the guys at Marvel executed and exploited WOMM or Word of Mouth Marketing – WOMM. Today marketers fondly refer to this as word of mouth advertising, which the modern social media era has its own form. The simple word of mouth referral which was traditionally spread from one person based on recommendation today have become smartly structured marketing efforts using the power of the internet and referral marketing is being used by plenty of businesses. Although it is still the same strategy of making use of naturally occurring instances of users’ satisfaction with a brand.

In order for your marketing structure to duplicate Endgame and Thanos’ success which capitalizes on social media era’s version of WOMM structure these elements should be present:

  • Capitalize on an opportunity – Today’s hyper-connected world, viral recommendations have far greater impact with advertising strategies that capitalize on an opportunity. Even with a single viral buzz you can create a widespread ripple of brand awareness that could reach millions of people around the world in just a few minutes. Like what Google did to seize Endgame and Thanos popularity to slay irrelevant SERPs when you Google search “Thanos” last Friday, April 26. 2019. Google created a little Easter egg, that when you play slays half or your search results. Here’s how it works: You Google search “Thanos,” the villain in the Endgame movie. When the results show, a description of Thanos will appear at the right-hand part of your screen, along with a picture of an Infinity Gauntlet. You click on the gauntlet and half of your results disappear (make sure your speaker is on to hear the snap the gauntlet makes)!
  • Make it fun – See what Google did. The hype although was simple, it didn’t make use of an elaborate number of words of content, but it sure did create a hype. Google didn’t write any article about it, others did, but Google made the experience fun. Just like what Marvel does with their Avengers installment storylines. If you’re a fan you know that almost all the installments of this franchise had a hilarious twist to the plot. And this is the emotional impact your post must have. Although some people may find your intended fun corny, like I did for some of Avenger’s they may still share your viral buzz to their friends in disgust. Your fun part may not have stirred your intended response, but it still was able to get your intended result. That of getting recommended or today shared.
  • Get a partner – You are busy creating your website and building your inventory you may not have time to create the buzz yourself. You can exploit internet’s wonder power again by engaging a marketing partner. This partner can do all the planning and structuring of your viral buzz campaign for you while you concentrate on building the substance of your business. Although Marvel didn’t hire Google to make the viral buzz campaign for them, Google as a search engine voluntarily build the simple structured referral marketing strategy. Because Endgame and Thanos is such a big item within maybe a month Google capitalized on this to build up its own lifeline. Chrome is starting to lose some of its customers to competition because it has become too bulky for some computer devices, it was able to hype up its presence even for just a day. A few days later having heard of the little Easter egg, cusotmers who stopped using Chrome have downloaded and installed Chrome to experience the hyped feature. But found to their dismay it is not available anymore. But the intended response was elicited, and the intended result was gained. That is creating enough curiosity for customers to try for to experience the product.
  • Inject an element of surprise – Google did not announced this little Easter egg other than a tweet from Cyrus Shepard to try out the surprise feature on the early hours of April 26. Although some fans are used to these little surprises from Marvel and Disney and were crawling the web for a few days already for it, they did not expect it to come from Google. Danny Sullivan, Google’s public liaison of search, admitted in Twitter, “It was just a thing we thought would be fun, because it’s nice to have a little fun in life.” Weeeellll…that was played right. It’s the perfect element of a little bit of surprise entertainment for fans who were looking for hints but don’t want to come upon some spoilers for The Avengers: Endgame action. It did tickle the curious and the conspiracy doubters though. I am a bit entertained by Greg Fin’s question to Danny Sullivan in response to Sullivan’s tweet. So, you have to create a surprising element to your strategy and not just copy what someone did which have become a viral hit. That is why referral marketing takes time and effort to launch to make it work perfectly.
  • Do a research – Now, before you launch the viral buzz, you have to do research. With this existing Endgame and Thanos viral buzz opportunity although it’s easy to decide to ride the bandwagon. Research was done on which part of this buzz to seize and the right facts to present before marketers wrote or created a buzz of their own about Endgame and Thanos but incorporating in it their own product promotions. Credibility and authenticity should be peddled by your buzz to make it yield the expected ROI. With the proliferation of fake news online you don’t want to be cited as fake even in the slightest sense by presenting wrong facts and information. You just seize to ride on some popular and trending product or opportunity, you must in all honesty do it right.

You have to remember, what you are creating is a viral buzz around your product to create interest and harvest concentrated awareness. You have to do everything right. If you don’t know how, are busy or a little bit doubtful of your ability to create a heightened awareness on your buzz. You have many options open to you. You can hire someone or a company specializing on referral marketing that can do the works perfectly. Just like what Google perfectly executed for Avengers Endgame and Thanos. Which although Google is not a referral marketing company it sure has the capability and expertise to launch the kind of gimmick it was able to produce to create the intended ripple.