How to Get More Customer Referrals

Posted by admin on 02, 2022, February

Referral Marketing is one of the most effective marketing methods currently available. Asking your existing customers to make referrals is one of the most effective approaches in this marketing method. However, despite making attractive requests, only about 50% of customers actually decide to refer a business to someone else. Here are some great tips to get more customer referrals.

Offer something that your customers want

With the aid of a referral tool such as Incentivit, businesses have the option of offering an incentive to promote customers to make referrals. However, unless you offer something tempting to your customer, they won’t be too interested in taking the time. Therefore, make sure that you highlight the best features of your product and offer an incentive that your customers will actually want in return of referrals.

Make your referral program as mush visible as possible

It is very important that you make it as easy as possible for your customers to make referrals. For instance, having a separate tab open up every time someone opens a page, setting up a new page for referring people or sending links to their emails are not going to be very helpful. In fact, these methods are best avoided. Instead, add a prominent referral button at the last steps of your check-out process, on important pages or even on the homepage where people are more likely to see it.

To help our customers to implement such button, we automatically generate a script that will display a button to enter your referral program on your website. Or you can create your own button to call your referral program interface. Our platform allows you to easily customize your referral program.

Try post-purchase emails

In addition to asking your customer to make referrals at the check-out stage, you can take things one step further by sending a post-purchase email with a referral request. Include lines such as ‘If you are happy about our products’, or ‘your friends might like what we have to offer’ to get your customers thinking about people in their social circle who would find use with your offerings. Sending the email right after their purchase will fetch faster results as the products/services are still fresh in their minds.

Use social media to promote your referral program

Social Media is a great way to get the word out about your referral program. If your customers are happy with your products/services, they may subscribe to your social media channels to stay updated on your offerings. So making use of these channels can be a great way to regularly remind your customers that you have a referral program without being too intrusive. This way, if they are ever in a situation where a friend or family member may require your products/services, they will know how to make a referral quickly and easily.

Make the referral process as easy as possible.

This is one of the most obvious but so often neglected aspect of a referral program, and consequently, many businesses have troubles to get their customers to actually go through the complete referral process. If your referral process requires too many actions for your customers such as copy a link to an email, enter some text, send the email, repeat for another friend and so on, then most of your customers will drop off before the end of the referral process. Make sure your referral program simplifies as much as possible the sharing process. To do so, at Incentivit, we integrated a contact importer to easily allow your referral program participants to import their contacts and select with which ones they want to refer to your business and then automatically send an email to these friends, all that in just a few clicks.

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