Referral Marketing Trends for 2017

Posted by admin on 28, 2022, January

In the year 2015 when digital marketing began making important impact with how business and markets were ran, every web marketer’s motto was “Content is King”. Nobody thought that referral marketing will eventually become a compelling component, although it was already showing favorable results. All because it has always been there, ever since. Nobody paid it with more attention.

Referral marketing was simultaneously invented with commerce and trade, and had always been incorporated with business even when goods and favors were still the mode of exchange. When it all started, referral marketing was all done via word of mouth, which lived on, for many centuries.

Until a few years ago people still used word of mouth as medium, exchanging information with friends and families about their favorite brands and services. Referral cards and brochures were also popular at a certain period. While all these still exist and operative today, the referral marketing platform has become digital. And become more effective as social media platforms grow in popularity and numbers.

That was the scene in 2016 when the odds of favors changed. When referral marketing found its technology counterpart, with social media. It was also the time for social media influencers to show force. They quickly became trendy. Seizing the lead, they became the power behind marketing efforts of that year. Digitally referral marketing had also risen in importance and online referral marketing emerged. It became the foundation of influencers’ clout, emerging social media networks became their popular venue.

With social media networking online referral marketing is hassle free. Social media platforms features make everything easy to share and have extensive reach. Even without being prompted with a question, the easy click-share features provided, encourage everyone to share. People with wide social media network reach, have the biggest influence on people with their preferences; influencers forming the larger numbers of these people.

2017 is the year digital marketing was predicted to become more innovative and productive. This year marketing will shift to the web. When almost everything are being coordinated with technology. Not only human resources but also communication, conveyance, security and accommodation. At the rate things are conveniently matched with available technology referral marketing has made its grand entrance on top of the marketing scene. It is not a new comer, but it has been updated. Already it has proven its impact in previous years, 2017 is when it is debuting. It has also undergone progress, giving referrals are now easier and hassle free. Gone were the days when coupons, brochures and cards were needed to get a pass. Today referrals are just a click away.

Referral Marketing Trends

Referral marketing’s online presence is on the boom. What are the upcoming news and already favored trends to look for in 2017?

Data Analytics

One of biggest catch phrases in the web today is data analytics which is imperative in a data-driven world. Analytics translates to the importance of generating data insights, which also covers referrals data. Many referral program software out there are integrated with its own form of analytics, which are very helpful in running a program. It determines what factors are going to make or break a program.
Most businesses that use analytics have proven track records of getting ahead in their niche, including referral marketing. Quantifiable data is important when you are making innovations, it provides you the basis with which to build on. Precisely why referral analytics became more popular. Google Analytics with a referral report includes is concrete proof.

Social Media Networking

Social Media is the place most people go to today. Who is not on social media? The option to easily do social media shares can be a determining factor of whether something will be shared. Today people are hooked on convenience, the easier something is, more people will likely use it. The reason why referral marketing are being made as social media friendly as possible.
Social media has the capacity to make anything shared reach a widespread audience, built in social media options are a must. Digital referral marketing software makes everything so much easier.

Mobile Compatibility

Everything has spilled over from the web. Mobile-friendly websites and apps are being quickly gobbled up by more and more businesses. Today most people engaged with their web activity using mobile devices; check their email, shop and share on social media pages. Since sharing on social media and email are options provided by referral marketing software it is imperative to also create a mobile friendly referral program. Demand for such referral software are rising in demand.
The key is simplicity; clear call to action and key elements.

Responsive Dashboard

The best referral marketing program must have a responsive dashboard. The more convenient it is, users are more likely to use it. More likely a referral program will be successful. Referral marketing makes it a must that referral programs are awarded with simple and intuitive dashboards with all the tools needed to make, run and maintain a referral program built-in and provided. Allowing users easy time to find and use referral program components.
The best referral marketing software don’t just focus on the dashboards. Complete user experience must also be considered. Easy sharing methods to easily share their referral link and track their own referral statistics and rewards is exactly what referral marketing software and programs must deliver.

Fully Automated

A fully automated referral marketing software program will make managing reward distribution easy and hassle free. Every step of referral marketing process has to be fully automated, including delivery of reward. Making progress tracking upfront and straightforward. But manual delivery is also possible the referral software may be given a feature that will help track that information schedule time and date of delivery.
A reward system that fits requirements can now be set up by businesses; tiered reward, multiple stage reward system, and other options which are almost limitless. A library of rewards to choose from, are offered by many big businesses that are easier to set up and track. Gift cards and money rewards, using PayPal, and Amazon can be easily employed as reward options. Reward automation is a major factor as rewards in referral marketing are what drive people to refer. Automated reward process makes mistakes lesser and the delivery timely.

Referral Marketing Software and Tools

Today it is a must for businesses to have a referral software. It provide businesses all the necessary tools to run a prolific referral marketing program most appropriate to today’s customer. Easy to manage, build and share are the most important building blocks of referral marketing as it is the best source for new customers in today’s digital marketing generation of customers. A lot of referral marketing software which offers free trial for prospective customers to try out are on the web. One is Incentivit, a referral marketing software which has all the features of the referral marketing trend for 2017. Click here to know more and test the features.