Use our new shared contest campaign to engage with your customers

Our shared contest campaign allows you to run monthly giveaway contests on your website with a $500 prize, for a fraction of the prize value! This is possible by sharing the prize cost with other businesses.

What you get

  • free contest tool (eg. “plug-and-play” widget)
  • pre-builded giveaway terms
  • automatic contest withdrawal
  • prize delivery to the winner
  • reminder emails to maintain your participants engagement month-after-month
  • All the features required to make your contest go viral including unique sharing urls, additional chances to win when referring new people and many more
  • Try it now!


Increase and maintain customer engagement

Accelerate the growth of your email list

Generates new referral traffic and increase your sales and advertisement revenue

Give you visibility on social platforms

Convert more visitors into leads for only $29 / month
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3 easy steps

1. Sign up for an account and subscribe here

2. Customize the widget look and feel

3. Copy-paste the generated code on your website and voila!

Why emails are important?

Email continues to be the main driver of customer retention and acquisition for SMBs. According to the data, 81% of SMBs still rely on email as their primary customer acquisition channel, and 80% for retention (Emarsys, 2018). Research findings from this study show that email marketing tops the chart in comparison to organic search, paid search, and social media when it comes to customers’ acquisition & retention.

Our new shared contest campaign will help you grow your subscriber list in an impressive time at a very low cost.

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